Successful construction and repairs of underwater marine installations demand quality personnel and equipment. Our team of diving personnel comprised of certified marine and underwater engineers have the skill and experience to complete any underwater project or intervention safely and successfully.

London Diving Services offers a large variety of construction services, from underwater support to complete construction. Our professionals are trained and experienced in providing construction services above and below the water surface. We are able to provide clients with innovative ideas and techniques to improve the construction process and to reduce costs. With our unique ability to combine marine engineering and construction services, LDS also becomes a one-stop-shop for our client’s design-build projects.

Services include:

  • Bridge construction and repair
  • Dam repair
  • Bridge foundation repairs & scour countermeasures
  • Marina construction and maintenance
  • Concrete repairs and restoration
  • Intake and outfall repairs and maintenance
  • Valve restoration and replacement
  • Pipeline installation and repair
  • Pile jacketing
  • Diver directed dredging, jetting and air-lifting
  • Non-destructive cleaning utilizing cavitation technology
  • Waste Water Tanks

  • Sewerage